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Airflo sixth sense sale

64.99 39.95
The Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Lines are ideal for pulling lures, fishing nymphs or casting to the horizon As true

Allround flybox

9.95 5.00
De doos heeft een mooi zakformaat en biedt ruimte aan zowel streamertjes, nymphen als ook droge vliegen. De ideale allround doos als u weinig mee wilt nemen. Small 16,5 x 10

Booby eyes

2.30 1.00
Specially selected polystyrene cylinders. It is soft and super buoyant material, ideal for floating and detached bodies. Often used for suspender nymphs, streamer eyes and floating bodies. Length: 3,2 cm. Pack: 10 pcs.

Drennan 7 strand pike wire

7.50 5.00
Drennan 7 Strand Pike Wire, the original extra tough ultra reliable trace wire. Woven 7 Strand Stainless Dark Bronze Finish 15m

Drennan slim crimps

4.95 3.50
Drennan Slim Crimps are the strongest most reliable method of Pike Rig construction. For strongest joints flatten crimp in three central places avoiding either end.

Drennan soft strand

9.95 6.00
Drennan Soft Strand Pike Wire is made up from micro filaments of stainless steel woven into an extra strong and ultra fine braid. Spot on for Perch fishing in case there is Pike about and you don't want a bite off.

Easy shrimp legs

8.40 5.00
Easy shrimp legs incorporate one of the most innovative tying solutions we have seen. Simply hold in position with the handle at the back, tie in securely along the body and with the tab at the front and then cut of the handle. Small (6-8) & Medium (2-4) Orange or Clear

Eel skin, paling huid

Eel skin is a natural product. The skin is vacuum sealed. Great for tying predator flies in both Fresh- and Saltwater. Species like Pike and Stripers love the smell of eel skin!

EF pike flash

Flashabou met een lengte van maarliefst 32 cm Flink pak voor een super prijs.

EP solid plastic eyes

4.50 2.00
Plastic Eyes are used in all my flies. The reason is very simple - the trigger point of a predator fish is in the eyes and the gills. Plastic Eyes are three-dimensional and not only realistic but they also add a little weight to the fly.

Eumer brass monster cone

5.40 2.50
"Eumer Monster Conehead can be used with Eumer's small plastic tubing With Monster conehead you can add more weight to your fly easily. Monster cone gives extra movement for the wing and it makes the tube fly very effect. It gives also nice and attractive look for the fly. 10 pc pack

Eumer finn racoon zonker

Finn Raccoon is a premium fur for big pike streamer and tube fly enthusiasts. Eumer offers Finn Raccoon Zonker Strips. The hair is incredibly soft, lively, and has great length. The guard hairs are perfectly straight and have lots of body. Wij hebben nog een aantal zonkers in de vorige verpakking tegen zeer aantrekkelijke prijzen. Kingfisher blue, Chartreuse en brown