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UTC wee wool yarn

2.95 1.95
Micro diameter 100% fine fuzzy wool yarn. Perfect for midges, nymph and wet fly bodies. Spooled instead of carded for convenience and to reduce wastage.

Vision kura jack

198.00 125.00
The Kura jacket is a three-layer jacket, made from F3.5 fabric. It has a roomy barrel pocket on each side and soft hand warming pockets. It doesn’t have an internal lining preventing breathability or making it slower to dry. The jacket has one exterior napoleon pocket with a zipper. Its main zipper is made by YKK®, which combined with dual storm flaps will provide excellent water and wind protection also in the zipper area. Small pockets on top of the barrel pockets are equipped with YKK® AquaGuard® zippers. It has Velcro adjustable cuffs and adjustable helm to keep the cold air out. 3-way adjustable hood keeps your head dry and protects from rogue flies…

Vision Tane sale!!

339.00 195.00
Vision Tane Fly Fishing Rod Tane (nickname for brown trout in Finnish) flyrod series was developed to upgrade Vision’s mid-price range. Smooth medium-fast action makes these rods perfect for most anglers. Eight carefully selected length & line weight combinations will cover most of the situations emerging in traditional brown trout fishing from small creeks to large rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Tane flyrods are extremely light even though they are four piece. Comes with an elegant glass fibre rod tube and a partitioned cloth.

Wapsi flat stick on eyes

2.50 1.00
This eyes come on a special quick release liner for easier application. Black Pupil. Very popular for saltwater baitfish imitations and freshwater streamers.

Wapsi fly foam

2.50 1.50
Wapsi Fly Foam is evasote closed Cell foam ideal for terrestrial imitations. Great for assorted floating bodies such as beetle, ant and hoppers. Each pack of Wapsi Fly Foam contains 2 Sheets 3mm and 1.5 mm.  sheets are 5″ x 3 1/4″ each

Wapsi foam cylinders

3.75 2.00
Wapsi Foam Cylinders are made of the perfect density foam for shaping popper bodies. The smaller sizes can be used to tie naturally high floating hoppers and extended body fly patterns. They also work well for ant bodies, easy willow grubs and as an excellent solution for coloured parachute posts that add floatation to your pattern and stand out in rough water. These foam cylinders are over one inch in length and can be colored with markers to create additional reality or craziness in your patterns. contain 10 per package.

Wapsi magnum rabbit zonker strips

4.90 2.50
High quality rabbit zonker strips. 3 strips per package, total length 100cm. Cut in 5 mm wide strips

Wapsi popper foam cylinders 6 packs

These sand-able foam cylinders are the perfect density for shaping popper and other bodies. You can color them with markers. The cylinders have a subtle spiral ribbing-like ridge that can be left as-is or sanded off. 8, 9.5 en 11 mm sizes come 6 per pack and larger sizes come 4 per pack.

Wapsi razor foam

3.50 1.95
Super thin foam for small flies, floating nymphs, cut wings and wrapped bodies. Stack and glue different colors for great sandwich flies. Two sheets each of 0.5mm and 1mm thicknesses per package. Transluscent and opaque colors available

Wapsi round rubber legs

3.50 2.00
Very popular for legs on a variety of different flies! Work great on poppers, terrestrials, stones and anything that might some legs!!

Wapsi sow-scud back

2.95 1.95
Extremely soft, translucent strips. Highly stretchable and flexible material. Used in nymph bodies, backs and wingcases. In strips of 2-3-6mm. Pack: approximately 90cm.

Wapsi standard rabbit zonker strips

3.90 2.50
High quality rabbit zonker strips. 3 strips per package, total length 100cm. Cut in 3mm wide strips