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Surface seducer dragon eyes

4.20 2.50
Amp up your foam flies and streamers. Trigger aggressive strikes from gamefish. Imitate a variety of amphibians, reptiles, baitfish, rodents, and other creatures fish love to eat! Take your fly to the next level with these vibrant, impressionistic fly tying eyes.

Teal flank feathers

2.95 1.95
Hareline Teal Flank Feathers has solid black and white barmarks. Teal is a good material for many wet flies or insect imitations. Can be used as a hackle. Not recommended for classic salmon flies' wings. Approx. 40-50 feathers/package. Package contains a mix of feathers with various sizes, length about 4-8 cm.

Thin fly foam sale

2.50 1.25
Thin, flexible, and tough closed-cell fly tying foam. Great for tying terrestrial patterns like hoppers, ants, and beetles.
  • 2mm thick
  • 3" x 4.5" sheet
  • 2 foam sheets per pack

Tiemco TMC 212Y 100 stuks

20.30 15.00
Specifically designed for very selective trout like Japanese Yamame. (‘Y’ in the model name stands for Yamame as well as on TMC102Y.) The latest curved shank hook with a very wide gape for dry flies hanging on the surface. Good for floating nymphs, emergers and hanging parachutes. 100pcs

Tiemco TMC 2487BL 100 stuks

16.50 12.50
Same design as the TMC2487, except that is barbless. The longer point of this hook allows for the same secure hooking and holding as the popular barbed model. 100pcs

Tiemco TMC 2499SP-BL 100 stuks

29.70 22.50
Designed based on TMC2488 but with 2X heavy wire for added strength as on TMC2457.SPR-Barbless point(round point).Great for emergers, pupae & larva, shrmps, eggs etc.Popular in Europe for Check-nymphs. 100pcs

Tiemco TMC 3761 100 stuks

16.50 12.50
The same basic design as the TMC 3769, but this hook is 1X longer for tying more extended nymph patterns. 100pcs

Tiemco TMC 3769 100 stuks

16.50 12.50
The standard down-eye hook for wet flies and nymphs. This model combines a sproat bend with 2X-heavy wire for added strength. A proven choice for many types of sub-surface flies. 100pcs

Tiemco TMC 403BLJ 100 stuks

27.50 20.00
SPECIALIZED FOR JIG HOOK NYMPHING STYLE Nymph, 60 degrees vertical eye, Wide gape, Medium wire, Super fine barbless point, Black

Tiemco TMC 5262 100 stuks

19.20 15.00
A versatile nymph and streamer hook that uses the TMC perfect bend for classic fly design. The shank is 2X long and uses 2X-heavy wire for added strength. This hook should be included in every fly tyer’s basic selection of hooks. Nymph & Streamer, D/E, 2XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, Bronze. 100pcs

Traun river pro wader

299.00 249.00
Prijs: € 299,00 nu voor € 249,00

Ultra chenille medium

2.50 2.00
Even denser and smoother than the standard chenille. Depending on its size, this Ultra Chenille is ideal for nymphs or flies with a woven body. Ultra chenille in medium is slightly thicker and is suitable for e.g. good as a body material on Woolly Buggers or similar streamers Diameter: approx. 3mm. Lenght: approx. 4,5m