Voor al uw vliegvis materialen kunt u terecht bij ons. Wij zijn een gespecialiseerde vliegviswinkel en verkopen uitsluitend vliegvis spullen. Of u nou op zoek bent naar een hengel, reel, lijn of nieuwe leaders en tippet materiaal, wij hebben een zeer groot assortiment. Voor onze winkel heeft u de mogelijkheid om een hengel uit te proberen. Ook voor persoonlijk en professioneel advies bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres. Wij nemen de tijd voor u. Alles voor beginnende tot zeer gevorderde vliegvissers vinden u bij ons in de winkel.
Onze winkel in Bussum is 5 dagen per week geopend. Onder contact vind u onze openingstijden.

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Deer belly hair DOW

For anyone spinning deer hair to make flies like muddlers and dahlbergs or a host of other options like dry fly wings, backs, tails and bodies this is the perfect choice. Available in a range of colours. All colors are dyed over white

Deer body hair

Hand selected, soft, tanned Deer Hair is used for small flies such as compara duns, hoppers, muddlers, humpies, and crickets. Excellent for tying deer hair winged dry flies (Goddard Sedge, Caddis Sedge, Comparadun). Essential for many Muddler patterns. Also used for wings, backs, tails and bodies. Very easy for spinning.

Eumer silicone tubing

2.30 1.50
Silicone tubing voor de haak bevestiging op tubeflies. leverbaar in 2 diameters. 2.8x2 en 3.8x2 De dunne voor small size tube en de dikke voor de large size tube.

Faux bucktail

Tapered synthetic fly tying fibers. Tie flies of all types and sizes from nymphs to Clousers to T-Bones with Fish-Skull

Futurefly tubes 3.0mm and 1.8mm

FutureFly Tube is a flexible tube. The tube is 200mm in length. We have two sizes available. The 1,8mm Tube fits into the 3mm tube. This tube is perfect for liner in the 3 mm tube. That means that our 3mm Plastic tube fits perfectly into the Predator Tube. sold individually so you can choose a color mix

Grey squirrel tail

Squirrel tails have fine, barred hair which are among the most widely used tails for tying trout streamers and wets, bass bugs, and steelhead and salmon flies. A great durable, natural fly tying material with long hair fibers that are easy to work with.

Hard head

Never mix epoxy again! Hard Head is an odorless, non-toxic, thick head cement perfect for building glossy heads and bodies. Dries hard and glossy.

Hedron big fly fiber

Curled, for large body flies with long tails in an extremely light, easy-to-cast fiber. Contains approximately 6 grams of fibers, 10" in length.

Hedron flashabou

The original metallic tinsel flash in our largest color offering. Contains approximately 1700 strands, 1/69" wide by 10" long.

Hedron predator flashabou holographic

The original 1/69” wide Flashabou with 3-D color effect fibers packaged with double the length of material for those large fly patterns. A full 20” (53 cm) in length. Approximately 800 strands per package.

Omnispool crank handle

CRANK HANDLE Sturdy OmniSpool crank handle, grooved to fit through the spool and around the line; fits in either side – so no matter if you’re left or right handed…

Omnispool switchbox

SWITCHBOX Quickspool — quick loading and unloading of reels; quick, easy line changes on the water; easy handling in conjunction with rod and reel.