Guideline control+ wf float


Guideline control+ wf float


Higher floating through a more buoyant coating, especially noticeable in the tip area. A slight two-tone colored for easier identification of the transition between head and running line. This line is developed with the beginners and intermediate casters in mind. It has a short belly with a steep back taper down towards a thin, low friction running line.

Control is a great line for learning a proper double haul and it also works very well for anglers seeking a tool that easily can manage fishing with good accuracy in tight waters and rivers. Control is suitable for fishing with all kinds of flies and are great for both river- and lake fishing. Head length is 8,1 meters and the total length is 25 meters. Looped front and a laser ID marking about 50 cm up from the tip. Color: Olive Two-Tone.

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