Nautilus X series

Nautilus X series


The Nautilus X-Series is an open-frame reel designed for lightness and strength.
Because of the drag smoothness and fast line pick up you can fish bigger fish with lighter material.
The X-Series design has strong beams that extend from the center to a wide line guard.
The totally new SCF-X drag has a sealed Teflon and carbon fiber disc drag system.
This reels has a generous drag knob that offers superior gripping surface and texture for wet and cold fingers.


The highly ventilated arch design, coupled with the dual palming rim increases spool strength by 35 %.
The sides of the frame leave the spool totally exposed, and the back spool rim has a generous 1/8″ secondary palming rim for added fish control.
Because of this heavy- duty secondary palming rim it has the strength to withstand everyday wear and tear.
The spool is a new spin on our ultra light, award winning Giga arbor design.
It is lighter than any spool of a similar size we have ever made.

Available in three frame sizes: XS, XM, and XL that will accept the standard XL Giga arbor spool for a 6/7 weight and the XL MAX spool that will fit an 8/9 weight line.
Because of the weight of 4.7 ounces the XL and XL MAX will handle your larger fresh water species and light salt water needs perfectly.
Easy left to right hand conversion.

Available in brushed titanium or black anodizing.


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