Premium bucktail large

Premium bucktail large


Wapsi Bucktail is large sized tail. These bucktails are hand-selected. It’s hair are vigorous and slightly curly which helps you to create natural looking profile. Bucktail hair absorbs only little water which allows tying lightweight and easily casting flies.

Bucktail is one of the most common material for pike, seatrout and salmon flies. Bucktail patterns are extremely popular in many stillwater flies, such as Clouser Minnow and Hollow Deceiver. Many classic streamer patterns have bucktail in recipe as well. Bucktail can be used as both wing and tail.

Size: Large. Total length of the tail is about 25 – 30 cm. Hair length is approximately 6 – 10 cm. Base of the hair might be little lighter or darker shaded due dying.

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