Seaguar fluoro carbon 125lb

Seaguar fluoro carbon 125lb


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10 Meter 125LB Fluorocarbon.

Seaguar Big Game Leaders are 100% fluorocarbon – Seaguar Big Game offers an incredible abrasion resistance and remains unaffected by the strongest UV rays.

All Seaguar fluorocarbons have a unique “Double Structure” formulation that combines a strong inner core with a softer outer shell at manufacture – giving greater knot strength and shock resistance. Seaguar Fluorocarbon also has refractive index almost Identical to water making it near invisible to fish and a sink rate about 3 times the speed of nylon without the need for treatment.

Seaguar fluorocarbon boasts a higher breaking strain to diameter ratio compared to nylon and other brands of fluorocarbon therefore, it is recommend that anglers should work by diameters and use the strength of the fluorocarbons to their advantage. The higher breaking strain combined with a very high resistance to abrasion, fatigue, UV damage and its hydrophobic properties gives the angler the strength and reliability when targeting the fish of a lifetime.

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