Tiemco Akron leader 9ft


Tiemco Akron leader 9ft


The knotless, tapered Akron Fluorocarbon leaders by Tiemco are more stiff than ordinary leaders. This is why they turn-over so sweat and help you presenting your fly even more delicate and accurate. Due to the special material this leader features a higher abrasion resistant than ordinary leaders made from nylon. A big bonus when fishing for Sea Trout on the coast, where your leader touches rocks and other structures from time to time.

Like any other FC leader the Akron sits in the surface, which is great when presenting emergers, light nymphs etc. to spooky fish.

This tapered leader by TMC has a length of 12ft. (3.65m) and is therefore suitable for particularly gentle presentations and shy fish. Ideal, for example, for challenging days on the Baltic Sea when Sea Trout take the fly very carefully. A longer leader is also an excellent choice for stillwater Trout fishing or summer river fishing!

Length: 9ft. (2,75m)