Traun River Neopreen wader

Traun River Neopreen wader


We developed the Superior Neoprene-Wader for you to be comfortable in cold weather conditions.
Places like the alpine rivers, the Baltic Sea or at your favourite salmon river.
Because the main material is 4 mm neoprene that has an Arctic Thermo coating on the inside you will stay warm and comforting during cold days.
The ArcticThermo coating reflects body heat, so that you may stay warm in even the coldest conditions.
The bottom foot material is highly density 5 mm neoprene, we used this because we want to ensure durability even after intensive use.
We think this is the best wader for bellyboat fishing because neopreen gives you comfort and warmth at the same time.
This wader comes in extra length sizes to prevent the seems from to much tension.
One wader for all coldweather conditions.


Adjustable Velcro shoulder straps for highest comfort and inside pocket with zipper
Triple welded seams and hand warmer with front pocket
Unique knee pads for excellent protection
High-quality 4 mm neoprene with ArcticThermo and highly compressed 5 mm neoprene sole for high durability
Anatomically shaped socks
Incl. neoprene gravel guards to keep gravel and sharp objects out of your shoes.

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