Waterworks ula force sl

Waterworks ula force sl



Use the force. Even lighter than the original, the Force SL Series II breaks its own record as the lightest machined reel on the market. This evolution in the Force Superlight reel lineage includes an even larger arbor to increase line retrieval and decrease weight. Plus it has an enhanced CNC machined structural development and more fluid, refined styling.

Since coming onto the scene in 1997, the Force reels have pursued what we feel is the Holy Grail of fly reel performance: delivering the highest possible ratio of retrieve rate to reel weight. To this end, while other super arbor reels add weight in order to gain speed, Force reels maintain their featherweight specification by being pure muscle and bone.

  • format: Large Arbor
  • materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • finish: Hard Alox
  • drag: Sealed Conical Drag System
  • US Made, Idaho Built
  • Item Diameter Width Weight Rod wt Line capacity
    Force S II -5+ 104mm 25mm 94g WF 4-6 WF6 125 yds 20#
    Force SL II -7+ 111mm 32mm 105g WF 6-8 WF7 180 yds 20#
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